a stomach full of flurries

went to hawaii. it rained. a lot. i have pictures. they’ll be up soon. enough said.


if you want people to think you’re darker than you actually are, just SAY you went to hawaii. i’m pretty sure i didn’t get darker because i only went out on one day but people seem to think so.

been keeping up on 24. that shit is intense!

also watching how i met your mother. nph (neil patrick harris – harold used the acronym) is excellent in it. i like shows with a quirky sense of humor. none of this “i slept with your best friend and now it’s all weird’ bullshit.


doug told me recently that he always pegged me as the first one to settle down. to get married and have kids. to which i say, “uh, wtf?”

today, i came up with the idea of an art installation. whatever that means. but anyway, it involves building a gigantic wal-mart in iraq and making every iraqi an employee. i’d photoshop iraqis working at wal-mart. “oh, i do love working at wal-mart, i even bought a hummer! from aisle 15!”

i do wonder about what goes through my head at times.


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