my weekend in seattle

so i spent the weekend in seattle. since i’ve been there before, i didn’t do all the sightseeing stuff, just hung around with good friends and relaxed. maybe a bit too much. pretty much just ate, drank, smoked, and watched basketball. oh yeah, i rode a bike. that was nice.

i guess i could tell you everything but quynh-an already wrote about it in extreme detail so you should just read that. i had a grand ol’ time (and not so great times) and one of the best trips i’ve ever been on.

usually, when i come back from vacation, i’m like “oh thank god i’m home” but this time, not so much. actually, not at all. i was like “damn, i wish i had stayed longer.”

so a part of my brain is thinking about moving to seattle. then again, the thought in my mind came up when i was drunk. but it’s been itching at me. my lease ends in june. i’m not with donna anymore. and my job is a good one but i’m getting bored. i like the bay area but i’ve been here for almost 6 years. and san francisco does not have a microbrew every other block.

so i’m thinking. i’ll be thinking in may when they tell me whether i get a promotion or not. if not, then i’ll be doing some serious thinking.


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