so she could make some money on the side

today, woke up in a funk. happens after i sleep in for a long time. finally said “i’m going to the comic book store!”

so i did. went to isotope on fell and gough. splurged. bought goon: vol. 4, batman & robin the boy wonder #1-3, justice #4 and the amzing spider-man #529. i was originally only going to get justice but i couldn’t help myself. i’ve been enjoying the justice series so far because alex ross’ art is just awesome but the pacing is kind of slow. i hope marvel’s civil war is good, it certainly has been getting a lot of press.

if you have a strange sense of humor, there is no reason for you to not read goon. it’s that hilarious.

watched dave chapelle’s block party and it was damn good. there’s something nice about watching someone get a bunch of other people together to have a good time. no drama, no pretenses, just fun.

i don’t know why i wrote this.


One Response to so she could make some money on the side

  1. doug says:

    Spiderman’s currently working for Tony Starks as part of the Avengers. I don’t know what this new turn is about, though. Afterall, the Avengers are all non-mutant, so I’m not sure what the government is freaking out about.

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