crazy vegas

i am TIRED.

got back from vegas around midnight after a 30 minute delay on my flight and waiting at the bart station forever.

but that doesn’t really matter.

ate a lot, drank a lot, and didn’t sleep a lot. but it was fuuun.

stayed at the venetian, gambled at the mirage, partied at caesars, and ate everywhere. treasure island, bellagio, and wynn.

yes, waited for 2 and a half hours to get into pure again. but whatever. supposedly, brad pitt was there? i dunno. but there are pictures of me, aaron, and ed dancing with each other. i wonder if they’ll end up on the internet. videos too. damnit.

line passes are a BEAUTIFUL thing. “i’d like a line pass for the buffet.” bam! right to the front. oh yeah, prime rib at the wynn is just fantastic.

my formula for buffets:

prime rib

cocktail shrimp

prime rib

cocktail shrimp

prime rib

cocktail shrimp


ok, throw in a little bit of fruit and miscellaneous items.

the best part of vegas is that you can take your drinks anywhere. and that includes the airport.

nothing starts the day off better than a swig of jack.


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