please use the handrail

been at macworld the last couple of days. have to go back tomorrow morning. attending the macit conference, learning about stuff you probably don’t care about. like cross-realm implementation between apple’s open directory and microsoft active directory. or using netboot to maintain a large number of laptops. wooo.

checked out some of the new apple computers with intel processors. big move. pretty damn slick. there was a lot of ipod stuff on the floor that i didn’t really care about.

i’ve been reading the da vinci code and i can see why you want to keep reading it but it’s not very good. i can’t believe some people took that stuff as TRUTH. are they crazy? maybe i’m just being an elitist. oh, and that part about the priory using english because it’s the one language that’s not tied to the languages of the vatican (french, italian, and spanish). PLEASE. english has borrowed a significant chunk from french (the norman conquest of england in 1066?). if you want a language that’s removed from the romance languages, then use icelandic.

i’d ramble more but i don’t think i should.


One Response to please use the handrail

  1. doug says:

    Yeah, there’s all sorts of shit like that.
    But it’s still an amusing read. I didn’t think it was life-altering or a must-read or anything, but it does say something in that I actually made it all the way through and there it takes a lot for me to make it all the way through a book.

    Yay for conferences. I had a good time at the Alamode conference. Met cool (albeit mostly much older) people from all over. I introduced a woman from Montana to a guy from Bend, Oregon and then low and behold they somehow start talking about commercial ice-fishing in Alaska in the mid 90s. What the hell. That’s awesome.

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