the power’s out, go crazy!

so i got 13 hours of sleep last night.

wait, what?

it started when the power went out in my apartment. turns out all the power on my block went out. pitch black. silent. a bit eerie considering san francisco.

after finding the flashlight and candles, i soon became bored. not much to do with the ol’ electricity. so i decided to take a walk around the neighborhood to figure out how far the damage went. everything on the other side of arguello was fine so my hopes of the entire city not having electricity quickly disappeared. cause that would have been really cool for about half an hour. then shitty after that.

it started to rain so i went back home. i tried reading but reading by candlelight is a bitch. so i decided to go to sleep. so dark. so quiet. it was nice.

why do i always end up in situations by myself without any electricity?


3 Responses to the power’s out, go crazy!

  1. doug says:

    You need to get yourself a booklight, man.

  2. reina says:

    I remember when Berkeley’s was like that either my sophomore or junior year. It had to be one of those years because I had to study really badly so I left my apartment to go across the street to Unit 1 to use their lights. πŸ˜€

  3. Donna says:

    Oh yeah. I remember that. I think it was my sophomore year in Berkeley. It turned out to be a fun night because it gave us an excuse to go out. We ended up going shopping in Richmond, then drove up to the Lawrence Livermore Lab to enjoy the view, then came back to the dorms and talked about favorite children’s books in the dark (random). I can’t believe I still remember all that πŸ˜›

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