all the best cowboys have daddy issues

i’m not a cowboy. nor do i have daddy issues.

but i do love my orange juice.

these social networking sites like friendster and the facebook just drive it more into the ground that i don’t have that many friends. but i prefer to think of it as quality over quantity. only 50 buddies on my aim buddy list. probably more like 40 with all the duplicate sns. and the max is what? like 300?

i don’t think i can even count up to 300.

i tend to have a pretty solitary nature and though it does drive me up the wall sometimes, i’m fine with it. i have a feeling that i got it from my dad. case in point, my dad wants to have a piece of land where he doesn’t have to see his neighbors. which means he’d have to live where crazy loons live.

i went to the cal vs. usc game. it wasn’t a big surprise that we lost but goddamn, where was the fight? ayoob blows and everyone in the stands CHEERED when he was replaced in the 4th quarter. matt leinart had 246 yards while cal had a TOTAL of 279 yards.



One Response to all the best cowboys have daddy issues

  1. doug says:

    Ayoob does suck.

    Although the reformation of Jake Plummer gives me hope. You know “Maybe an interception-throwing dumbass of a quarterback CAN figure out how to win!”

    And I know all about that “not-many-friends” thing. I think that’s how it goes. My San Diego friends have a bulletin board to keep everything together. Otherwise, people just fade away.

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