my body has taken a toll after having stayed up until 4am in the last 3 days. just like the good old days. aaron and nancy were up for the weekend. it felt like the good old days. good times, good times.

i reminisce about the time at my old apartment a lot. maybe more than i should.

sore throat, tired, and feeling like crap. blah. doesn’t help that it’s kinda cold now.

new restaurants visited in the last 3 days:

old ones revisited:
memphis minnie’s
slow club
lucky penny

bars visited:
triple rock

oy vey.

i hurt.

i don’t know why but i was helping ed finish a bottle of jack last night. we ended up yelling a lot, fucking around, and having a good old time with aaron and nancy watching us make asses of ourselves. i was also wearing my spider-man underwear.

spider-man, spider-man…


2 Responses to owwwwwwww

  1. Aaron says:

    anyone who wants to see patrick parading around in his underwear i got it on tape

  2. sheena says:

    hahaha, you nerd. even I don’t have batman underwear.

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