i’m a maniac!

man, i had more posts in me than i thought.

i have a guilty pleasure.

i like to browse thefacebook more often that i’d like to admit.

i think i’ve always been fascinated with biographies, what people are up to, that kind of shit. no wonder i was in yearbook. but yearbook was bullshit. i’m just interested in what people are doing with their lives.

a lot of people are going off to school, starting yet another new job, moving to somewhere else. yada yada yada.

but looking in on myself, i’m still here in san francisco after a year. still here in the bay area after 5 years. my job’s alright. i meet people around my age, there’s occasionally free booze, and it’s not corporate (yet). i like my apartment. i live in a nice part of the city. i have friends here too. they come and go but it’s not hard. i have a gf who’s nice enough to call me on my shit. thank you donna. and i have time to read. mucho important.

life’s good.

how about you?


2 Responses to i’m a maniac!

  1. donna says:

    thefacebook was in the san jose mercury news today. even my coworkers were checking it out!

  2. doug says:

    i don’t know.

    frankly, there just aren’t that many people i care to know about. the people i want to keep in touch with (and who also want to keep in touch with me) i take time to call or see. granted, i don’t call them as often as i’d like … but you know. you get busy.

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