this is donna

hi all,
patrick hadn’t updated in awhile and i kept bugging him about it. finally, to get me to shut up he voluntarily gave me authoring privilges (weird how his mind works, huh). anyway, i figured you are all here to read about him, not me. so hmm…ok. here are some tidbits about patrick you might or might not know:

-he secretly likes going clubbing
-he always goes for the salad. one time at the mall he ordered the vegetable platter, i ordered a cheeseburger with fries, and the waitress was confused.
another example: one time he was at mel’s diner and he ordered the….fruit cup.
-he bought a paper shredder and it takes up half his bedroom

that’s it for now. we’ll see if this was enough to get my new privileges revoked 😛


One Response to this is donna

  1. patrick says:

    1. i hate clubbing.
    2. i do like salads. the connecticut yankee serves a really good cobb salad.
    3. it was at lucky penny. i said “i’ll have a coffee and a…large fruit cup.”
    4. the paper shredder does not take up half my room.

    donna is a liar.

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