i am the bug man

so i hung out with donna and her friends yesterday in los altos, went to the wine and arts festival, stuff like that.

but the highlight of the day was when we were outside in donna’s backyard. it was getting chilly so donna decided to put on a jacket from inside the house but she screams bloody murder and freaks out. she said something felt pointy and sticky INSIDE the jacket.

so i proceeded to take the jacket and shake it.

and out comes this HUGE ASS BEETLE.

donna’s mom was able to trap it inside a cup and i took a pretty nifty pic of it.

it’s called the california prionus (scientific name is prionus californicus). it’s the largest beetle in north america. it’s a wood borer and doesn’t harm humans. they can grow up to 6cm (2.3 in) long and they can fly (but this one didn’t). to become adults, it can take 2-5 years.

too bad it’s probably dead.


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