so i went to vegas this 4th of july. went to that weezer and rhcp concert (note the picture on the right). pretty cool.

blah blah blah.

but the cool thing was going to “pure” at caesar’s palace and seeing QUENTIN FUCKING TARANTINO.

and we waited a long time for this club. two hours or so.

i spent $12 on an adios. wtf.

but near the end of the night, verna (donna’s friend and the one who organized the trip) said to me “hey, it’s quentin tarantino!”

and there he was. 10 ft away, partying it up in his little VIP section.

he looked like he was pretty drunk and having a grand ol’ time.

there were tons of hot girls in the place too. but mr. brown was getting his freak on with this big black girl.

that’s so damn cool.


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