i’ll have a piece of that

i went to see “batman begins” last night. it was in imax. but i was too close to the screen and so i’ll have to go see it again. that’s no problem with me because the movie was so fucking cool.

best review of batman begins:
batman is sweeter than a virgin’s tit. – harold

i’ve always found the idea of batman appealing, this mere man becoming something greater through sheer will. it’s like what they told you when you were in elementary school, “you can do anything if you put your mind to it” but not as corny.

god, that made no sense.

i’ve been reading a lot.

time traveler’s wife (thanks for the recommendation sheena).

assassination vacation


i have other books but i haven’t started on them just yet. i really like “gig.” it’s just a collection of people talking about their jobs. nurses. lawyers. strippers. crime scene cleaners. florists. you get the gist of it. i feel that it’s a good time in my life to read something like this because well, i honestly have no idea what i want to do. grad school? sure. but in what? career change? yeah, sure. don’t think i’ll work with computers forever.

more often than not, people never find what they’re looking for but something finds them.

in other news, i really don’t like this whole tiny dog in purse paris hilton bullshit. they’re animals for god’s sake, not fashion accessories.

bullshit! i say bullshit!


6 Responses to i’ll have a piece of that

  1. reina says:

    Yay for summer reading. I finished City of Glass and The Lovely Bones and am about to finish The Phantom of the Opera. Then I have Angels & Demons, The World According to Garp, and Last Chance to See lined up. W00h00!

  2. donna says:

    maybe i’ll read that too. i could use it.
    btw, i think it’s “sheer will” 😛

  3. doug says:

    just saw batman last night. it was pretty terrific. we were a little close to the screen as well, but .. so it goes. they say they’re trying to get Christian Bale as the new perma-Batman. that’d be nice, he did a good job. Katie was a little grating, but the rest of the movie was pretty good *spoiler alert* (oh, except for the crazed “fearful” mobs who … seemed to not be fearful of each other, but only of Batman and little boys. Wtf.)

    and that Dog in Purse thing is bullshit. My dad’s wife Nancy has a dog like that. Irritates the hell out of me.

  4. kevin says:

    *another spoiler alert*
    how come the water vaporizer thing didn’t vaporize the water inside of humans?

  5. patrick says:

    thank DONNA, i can’t spell anymore.

    my guess is that the mobs only became fearful of things that invoked fear in them. the drug just took your natural fear response to a higher level. batman is scary. batman + drug = even scarier. i don’t remember the crowds being scared of the little kid.

    dunno about the water vaporizer thing. maybe shooting the microwave emitter at a person isn’t as “instant” as shooting it at water. i dunno, stick a human hand in a microwave.

  6. doug says:

    they wanted to kill the little kid, didn’t they?

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