intel and apple, together at last

big news in my world. apple’s going to use intel chips in their computers.


it brings up a lot of questions but most likely these two: will you be able to run windows on a mac-intel computer? will you be able to run mac os x on an regular pc?

the answers are vague. i figure apple will do its best to prevent the latter but some smart hacker/engineer will figure it out and oh boy. that’ll be fun.

btw, saying mac-intel is just…weird. mactel? mattel? heh.

maybe this is some grand scheme to take over windows. longhorn is a long ways away and i feel that windows is vulnerable right now. whenever someone with a pc asks me to fix their computer, it’s always about getting rid of a bunch of popups or a nasty virus. some people deal with it but a lot of people are just sick of it.

i do think it’s a good move on apple’s part (quite a gamble too) but it’s a step in the right direction. my hope is that developers who’ve been windows-centric will start making their programs for mac-intel machines as well. they’ll start saying “hey, this isn’t so bad” and then their users will migrate over to using macs.

of course, dells will still be cheaper. you pay a price for apple’s top notch industrial design. hopefully, developers will start developing their apps for mac-intel machines and this will expand the mac’s software base. it’ll no longer become an issue of “well, i don’t want to get a mac because none of my programs are on it.”


geek off.


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