i go around thinking ‘what?’ to myself a lot.

remember that cartoon about some purple alien that went about trying to fix the environment?

it was on after captain planet.

oh yes.

widget, the world watcher

there was an episode where widget found people stuck in a mall that made people believe that they didn’t have to go outside. just keep shopping and shopping and shopping. then he made a big ruckus and got people to go outside where it was NICE AND PRETTY.

because of that, i don’t like staying in malls too long.

gee, all that eco-marketing stuff from the early 90s did work.

that or i’m just a gullible fool.


One Response to v

  1. doug says:

    i really feel like what i watched as a kid really had an effect on me. those eco-shows, along with Batman TAS and a few other things really did their work.

    i find that nowadays, the people i enjoy hanging out with the most enjoyed some of the same things as kids. why is this? is it more that we are the type of people to enjoy the same things and the same tastes/experiences are evidence of this, or is it that we were molded and shaped by the same things?

    hard to say.

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