easy does it

finally got internet. they’ve simplified setting up dsl to the point to where no one has to come out anymore, they just send you a kit and that’s it.


haven’t had much to talk about thus the lack of blogging. work. work. some more work.

spring break was nice though. NO STUDENTS. don’t get me wrong, my work is not a bad place to work at (young people, lots of energy) but it can be draining. it was nice to kick back, shoot the shit, and watch dvds.

i’ve been playing around with this rss feed stuff and it’s just a really simple concept. anyone who subscribes to a rss feed from a blog, news site, whatever is automatically notified when that site is updated. so it boils down to instead of me clicking on a bunch of different sites once to see if they’re updated, i just click once and bam.

i got sheena to do it but she has no real idea what it does.

oh yeah, props to thunderbird for being faster, better, and easier than outlook. i still think the logo looks like a person with a bad wig.

i think i’ll be going back down to riverside during the april 16th weekend. my mom will probably be back home by that time and i think she’s already planning on what she wants to eat.


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