i am the walrus

i’m having writer’s block.

does it count if you talk about your writer’s block?

everything i type seems trivial and banal.

who cares that i’m staring at bob harris, played by bill murray? who is my favorite actor because everything he’s has been spot on. especially his recent stuff.

“swamp leeches!”

i’ve started packing my stuff and i honestly don’t have that much more than when i arrived in this place. just a few boxes, my computer, an office chair, and a stock pot.

that’s it.

but i’ve decided to get some real furniture in my next place. like A BED. with a real mattress. none of this futon/day bed shit.

figure i should be a man and get my own furniture. real men OWN furniture.

and own a tiki lounge.

did you know dave navarro has a blog?


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