big news.


i have to move out of my place.


because my housemate, brian (the 40 year old musician) got married.


note, got married.

so technically i have to leave in 30 days. but he’s giving me three months since this was so sudden.

i don’t really care, i’m happy for him and anyway, i should move into a place with my own furniture.

so what to do? live closer to my work? stay in my current area? live by myself? live with a bunch of other people?


so many things to decide.

also, maybe i should just GET my own place.

yeah, that’s right. BUY. but i would need some help from the parents. and am i even ready for MY OWN PLACE?

i could take this as a sign. to buy something. or to live somewhere with people my own age.

pretty crazy.


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