what up mlk


the few perks of working in non-profit/education.

you get to annoy people working for corportations that you get today off.

then they grumble. and say “FUCK OFF!”

i really don’t know what to do with myself today. maybe i’ll read. maybe i’ll play video games.

books on my plate:
eleanor rigby got like 3 pages left. it was a quick read by coupland’s books are usually like that.

whoa, the links button shows up in firefox in movable type 3.1. neat.

a citizen’s guide to democracy inaction

battle royale

i’m just here for the food: heat + food = cooking

alton brown’s gear for your kitchen

the best american nonrequired reading 2004 – edited by dave eggers, intro by viggo mortensen (the guy who played aragorn in lord of the rings). there’s even a short story about ELIJAH WOOD. he scares me.

i woke up today with a stuffy noise and a slight sore throat. i didn’t drink last night so i worry i might be getting sick.

dude, a 66-year old romanian woman gave birth.

that’s not right.


One Response to what up mlk

  1. patrick says:

    brain fart.

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