no more blanks!

a blank blog is not a good thing. it means that someone hasn’t been posting for a very very long time.

but i have an excuse.

i was eating.

i’m at work again, i took the night shift last night because i knew i was going to be coming back late on sunday and wanted to sleep in. but that was nullified by the fact that i had to get to work by 8 when i had just finished by 11 the night before.


still feels like i’m in college. but it seems like people here are whinier. or maybe it’s just cause i’m on the otherside.

i was listening to npr this morning and there was some feature about students at mission high school in san jose. i remember there were some people from that school in the dorms or maybe they knew about it. or maybe my cousin goes/went there. oh well, like i care. i just remember hearing that it was tough. it was all about the wave of new immigrants are pressuring their kids at 16 or 17 to do so much (ie. chinese, koreans, indians, etc).

gray hairs they said.

then they talked about interracial dating and how this one indian kid said his parents said “ok, when you’re older, you’ll marry an indian women.”

then i thought about my mom. she’s pretty smart.

i asked her once about what she thought about me going out with someone who wasn’t chinese.

“oh, it only matters if you like them and they’re good to you. it’d be nice if they were chinese because they’d have the same culture. but it’s your life and if i make you go out with someone you don’t like, then that doesn’t make you happy and then i’m not happy.”

that, my friends, is fucking GENIUS.


3 Responses to no more blanks!

  1. kevin says:

    overworking causes grey hair? i’ve always wondered.

  2. doug says:

    bullshit, man. i’ve always had grey hair and do i overwork? hellz nah.

    my mom on interracial-dating when growing up.
    “what is the wrong with you?! always white! i give up!”

    except of course, now there’s reina. and mom loves reina.

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