yeah, it’s pretty big

someone tried printing these to a laser printer with only 128mb of ram.


3 Responses to yeah, it’s pretty big

  1. reina says:

    man, that’s crazy. what was he/she trying to print?

  2. doug says:

    maybe it would help if you put a sign up that says

    “If your file is is more than 128 mb large, please print your file to PDF before printing to the printer, unless you enjoy wasting my fucking time.”

    something to that effect.

    or just “Don’t be stupid: the printer only has 128 megs of RAM and (chances are) your file is bigger. print to PDF first.”

  3. patrick says:

    reina, they’re usually printing a photoshop, indesign, or illustrator file. they try to print big stuff, like 42″x42″ and tile it.

    doug, that sign wouldn’t help. AT ALL. people don’t understand the concept of a megabyte. RAM? MEMORY? all greek.

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