fantastic weather we’re having in the bay area.

rain rain rain.

pouring buckets.

and i had to go to work at 7:30.

so i’m here at work and i can hear the water hitting the glass ceiling. kinda unnerving.

at my old job, there were always more problems on the days it rained.


this campbell’s select soup stuff isn’t bad.

i’m feeling awfully claustraphobic. did i spell that right.

right now, i just want to go back to sleep.

rainy day fun!


2 Responses to hoy

  1. sheena says:


    and I like campbell’s canned soup, yum. I get the vegetable alphabet soup, because you know, I don’t eat enough vegetables.

    I hope that counts.

  2. doug says:

    my cat feels like you do. she’s fucking flipping out.

    but she doesn’t have soup.

    Try Wolfgang Puck’s soup, if it’s on sale (don’t pay more than $2 for it). It’s pretty substantial soup. Love it.

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