damnit, i was going to post glorious pictures of my ipod.

but i can’t find the cable to my camera.


work’s been busy. real busy.

“how do i do…hey, the printers aren’t working. why isn’t this printing? can you please help me? pleease…”


art schmart.

a lot of the students seem to be loaded. mommy and daddy pay for everything. i don’t think this produces good art. i think the best art comes from taking risks and pushing the limits.

can’t really push the limits if you’re driving a lexus.

i want to buy this book.

that makes me a nerd.

people who haven’t updated for a while:


One Response to fook

  1. doug says:

    Funny how difficult the real world makes updating, doesn’t it? Me and Eve.

    It’s impressive that you’ve managed to keep up.

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