conversations with madpeople

fireloong (11:32:20 PM): nancy
vixiedust (11:32:31 PM): patrick
fireloong (11:32:33 PM): does anyone ever call you pantsy?
fireloong (11:32:43 PM): i shall dub thee
fireloong (11:32:44 PM): pantsy
vixiedust (11:32:46 PM): in like elementary school
vixiedust (11:32:56 PM): you’re so unoriginal
vixiedust (11:32:58 PM): heheh
fireloong (11:33:04 PM): did they pants you…and throw cherry bombs at your butt?
vixiedust (11:33:11 PM): no
vixiedust (11:33:16 PM): they called me fancy pantsy
fireloong (11:33:27 PM): did you wear ruffled corduroys?
vixiedust (11:33:28 PM): they did steal the arms from my jacket tho
vixiedust (11:33:33 PM): the ones you could zip off
vixiedust (11:33:45 PM): ruffled corduroys?
vixiedust (11:33:55 PM): like the ones with elastic at the bottom?
vixiedust (11:33:59 PM): all scrunched up?
vixiedust (11:34:02 PM): of course i did
fireloong (11:34:11 PM): that’s pretty fancy
vixiedust (11:34:17 PM): is this harodl
vixiedust (11:34:20 PM): harold
vixiedust (11:34:55 PM): i’m on to you
fireloong (11:35:08 PM): i’ll tell you what you’re onto
vixiedust (11:35:14 PM): i don’t wanna know
fireloong (11:35:15 PM): a pastrami sandwich
vixiedust (11:35:38 PM): so are you having fun wreaking havoc in sf
fireloong (11:35:59 PM): no
fireloong (11:36:07 PM): i wish they would raze all of these hills
vixiedust (11:36:08 PM): cuz patrick sucks
vixiedust (11:36:09 PM): hah
fireloong (11:36:25 PM): they need like…a bomb
vixiedust (11:36:52 PM): or a bobcat
fireloong (11:37:36 PM): they need a cheetah with razor sharp whiskers
vixiedust (11:39:15 PM): why isn’t patrick entertaining you
fireloong (11:40:31 PM): because this jerk is sleeping
fireloong (11:40:36 PM): after a hard day of ‘work’
vixiedust (11:40:37 PM): what an ass
vixiedust (11:40:46 PM): you should kill him
vixiedust (11:41:00 PM): perform an exorcism on him
fireloong (11:41:21 PM): i’ll perform an exorcism with this empty 40 bottle
fireloong (11:41:30 PM): i’ll exorcise his ass of all its evil demon spirits
vixiedust (11:41:31 PM): remember to be gentle
fireloong (11:41:43 PM): as gentle as you can be…shoving a broken bottle up someone’s ass
vixiedust (11:42:06 PM): that’s sick
fireloong (11:44:23 PM): hey, demon spirits need tough love
vixiedust (11:44:56 PM): i don’t need to picture patrick and tough love
fireloong (11:45:43 PM): hey, i can just tie him up and drop him off at castro
fireloong (11:46:03 PM): roll him down a hill to a pit of hungry homosexuals
vixiedust (11:47:13 PM): that’s sick harold
vixiedust (11:47:17 PM): and semi funny
vixiedust (11:47:18 PM): but sick
vixiedust (11:47:34 PM): and only funny because you added “hungry”
fireloong (11:47:50 PM): i’m busy tying him up
fireloong (11:47:58 PM): i just need to look at the map
fireloong (11:51:14 PM): gosh, where’d i put that rope?
vixiedust (11:51:22 PM): it’s unde rthe bed
vixiedust (11:51:28 PM): next to the potato sack
fireloong (11:51:32 PM): that’s the first place i looked
fireloong (11:51:37 PM): that’s the funny thing about kidnappings
fireloong (11:51:41 PM): you’re always missing something
vixiedust (11:52:05 PM): i know!
vixiedust (11:52:23 PM): suddenly i feel sorry for patrick
fireloong (11:52:47 PM): why?
fireloong (11:52:59 PM): because i’m his brother?
vixiedust (11:53:05 PM): cours enot
fireloong (11:53:44 PM): because he’s hogtied and has an old sock in his mouth?
vixiedust (11:54:21 PM): course not
fireloong (11:55:16 PM): then why?
vixiedust (11:55:26 PM): because he’s patrick
vixiedust (11:55:26 PM): duh
fireloong (11:59:18 PM): because that sock won’t be there for long?
vixiedust (12:00:42 AM): do i wanna know where this is going
fireloong (12:00:53 AM): depends…
vixiedust (12:01:27 AM): then no
fireloong (12:01:34 AM): wise decision
fireloong (12:08:16 AM): how’s hanfurd?
vixiedust (12:08:57 AM): hot
fireloong (12:09:31 AM): i heard in hanford they cut off your hands for stealing things
fireloong (12:09:40 AM): or is that iran
fireloong (12:09:42 AM): i forget
vixiedust (12:16:16 AM): alright night harold
vixiedust signed off at 12:16:23 AM.


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  1. doug says:

    Somebody explain to me why I read through that.

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