i’m in a coffee shop less than a block from my apartment in sf, drinking a latte, and using the free wifi.

wow, that sounds yuppish.

i haven’t been blogging because well, i haven’t had the time.

giants game.

in no particular order.

but work has been a real killer. i just come back home and i’m ass tired. so much crap to do. so much crap to deal with.

so much.

so much.

but there are some pretty cool people and that’s making things easy.

cool, this cafe lets dogs inside.

i’d like a pet right about now.


3 Responses to boyyyy

  1. kevin says:

    gf! sweet.

  2. doug says:

    crazy, isn’t it? how all of a sudden *SNAP* the real world.

    and you think … “so this is how life flies by.” weird.

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