a pint of red rock please

in this past week, i’ve been in transit everyday. bart, muni, walking. in parts of SF i’ve never been before.

did i tell you that i saw craigslist.org? the actual physical location.

it’s on 9th street.

looking at places, thinking “that’s an alright place.”

got a call on thurs while taking the 38 out to 47th and anza. i was still in inner richmond and i was getting fed up with the bus ride (ass far). this guy said “hey, i’ve got a sunny large room out on hayes and lyon for $500.”

i hopped off and headed back into town.

only old people take the muni around the golden gate park. they like to tell you how to get to wherever you’re going.

that’s nice.

went to the place. typical SF. long hallway. it was a big room. SUNNY too.

where’s it at?
next to the panhandle.
a few blocks from alamo square park (of full house fame)
walking distance to the haight (castro too i guess)

kick ass eh?

i don’t really know the guy i’ll be living with but he seemed pretty cool (a musician) and he said there’s a cafe around the corner where cute grad students hang out.

not bad, not bad.

i’ll also have a view of sutro tower.

never knew what it was called until now.


doug and reina, harold, and ian came up from down south for the 4th of july weekend. nancy’s around too. it feels good to just be sitting here on my computer and just…vegging.

is this what it’s like to have a…life?

places i ate at in the past few days:
fatapples fillmore jazz festival sushi house triple rock (yay!) some dim sum place on 19th and geary beth and steve’s bbq ozone crepevine pyramid

been going back and forth between sf and berkeley so much that my head’s spinning.

the fillmore jazz festival was fun because i got to walk around with a can of beer (without worrying about cops), listen to jazz, and shoot the breeze.

thank god for supergrass.

fog screwed up the fireworks in sf. oh well.

the gps thing on doug’s prius really freaks me out. will no one be able to know where they’re going in the future? maybe i’ll turn into a luddite.

a fun little conversation at crepevine (they make excellent crepes) with me, harold, aaron, doug, reina, and mary present:
mary: you guys (me and harold) have such different kinds of humor.
mary (to harold): you’re funny…
(everyone laughs)

i pretend to walk away.


i’m tired. i’m full. i’ve seen a lot of people. i’ve laughed a lot in the last few days and despite not knowing where i’ve been going at times, it’s been tons of fun.

now i just need to wait around for my relatives to pick up the hoe.


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