let’s go plaster!

spent the last several days down in san diego. mostly for doug’s graduation. partly because i go nuts when i’m in riverside.

day 1
just when i thought i was done with those damn things. it was warm, sunny, long, boring, and not very good. and they wouldn’t let him leave early either. and boo to no reception. come on, i want free champagne!

dinner with doug’s dad. and nancy. doug’s dad’s…i have no idea. i don’t ask these things most of the time. sheena and reina were there too. had drinks in downtown sd at some bar before dinner. called ‘lime.’ melon marguerita on the rocks? took forever with the nachos. went to borders and looked for waldo. he’s easier to find nowadays.

restaurant’s packed. nancy’s daughter and her bf are there too. we stand around and decided to wait around in the bar. jack and coke. purple haze. doug gets a heavy manhattan. let the good times roll. beforehand, doug’s dad proceeds to say to everyone “let’s go plaster!” hilarity ensues. this feels oddly surreal. Buca di Beppo’s i think? lots of food. i feel like a whale. doug’s dad and nancy want to go clubbing and dancing. i’m up for it but then it’d be a repeat oft that one night at the starlight room in sf. ya know, dancing 30-50 year olds. the rest of us are tired and want to sleep.

again, surreal. now i feel old.

alcohol summary: actually, it was a mandarin margarita. jack and coke. some of sheena’s purple haze.

day 2
bbq at doug’s cousin’s place down the street. lots of people. lots of food. i don’t really know anyone but it’s alright, i have a beer and a marguerita in front of me. afterwards, game 4 is on and the lakers start going downhill in the third.

i remember some dwarf hamsters.

alcohol summary: iced margaritas, heineken. declined a shot of well, various hard liquor. 151was on hand but man, that stuff burns.

day 3
i sleep for 10 hours. can you believe that? insane. claimjumper’s or lunch. turns out everything in the appetizer combo is deep fried. why is it that i’m a sucker for anyting on a hamburger menu that emphasizes how much meat is in it?

we bought tickets for the san diego county fair (it’s monday) but it turns out that it’s closed on mondays. proceed to some mall instead. there’s a sale at victoria’s secret. i try to go in with doug and reina (reina’s friends mary and dustin are there too). i leave after about 5 seconds. i can’t stand all the estrogen in the room.

did you know that they make avocado smoothies?

loaded questions. fun game.

if you were to be adopted by any couple, what couple would you choose?

my answer: sigfried and roy.

alcohol summary: nik’s sampler at claimjumper’s (4 6oz of claim jumper’s original red ale, hefeweizen, honey blonde, and sam adams boston red ale). announced i was going to make a cape codder but failed.

day 4
again, i sleep for 10 hours. how is this happening? sushi at yummy sushi. still like sushi house more. cheaper too. but not as crowded.

fast forward.

me, doug and reina (should i just call them d&r now or r&d? ooh, r&d), and mary go to the san diego county fair. it’s full of animals, rides, and really unhealthy food. like australian battered potatoes (think whole potato slices deep fried served with ranch and/or nacho cheese sauce), deep fried twinkies/oreos/snickers (tastes like sweet goo), turkey legs, and what not.

i had bbq ribs myself. oh so good but oh so messy. i proceed to pig out then i realize “hey, mary’s cute and she’s not crazy but here you are, licking away at these ribs getting bbq sauce all over your face. good going patrick, way to play the game.” durrrr.

the b-52s were playing but i can’t stand ‘love shack’ or ‘rock lobster.’ it’s great how sketchy carnival rides instill this feeling of death into you. fanfuckintastic. $4 and 110 rings and yet none of them go over any of the coke bottles. me and doug are l00sers.

i saw a lot of animals too. chickens, cows, goats, horses, sheep, and even CAMELS. yeah, they stink pretty bad.

bunch of san diego yearbooks were on display. brought back a bunch of memories. damn you pagemaker. all these schools have so much money to print in color. that’s crazy.

did you know the american dream is lurking somewhere around riverside?

alcohol summary: none. beer was $7.25 at the fair! wtf!

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