fortune cookies

the various fortunes from fortune cookies i’ve collected over the years:

our first and last love is…self-love 🙂 (it really has the smiley)

remember to share good fortune as well as bad with your friends.

you are a perfectionist. don’t spoil it.

you have a reputation for being straight forward and honest.

your mind is creative, original, and alert.

you are going to have a very comfortable old age.

you should be able to undertake and complete anything.

when winter comes heaven will rain success on you.

adversity makes one stronger.


i want to write a fortune cookie with one word.



One Response to fortune cookies

  1. Ian Stoddard says:

    My personal favorite, which I got twice in two weeks, at different restaurants: “Everything will now come your way.”

    Maybe it’s just me, but that sounds a lot more dangerous than fortunate.

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