awww fuck

goddamn, i’m tired. i just finished bottling the beer that’ll hopefully be ready in a couple of weeks. but i didn’t siphon enough from the glass carboy so i was actually a box of bottles short (12x20oz). so i could either siphon it again and bottle it (but it’d be lacking the priming sugar for the secondary fermentation (and carbonation). that equals flat beer. i could have used table sugar instead but that can lead to some weird flavors and i didn’t know the right proportions of table sugar for less than five gallons of beer so there’s a good chance that i’d hear the sounds of exploding beer bottles in a few days.

wow. beer geek speak.

i’d like to blog what’s been on my mind but then sheena would say “no! bad patrick!” so i won’t. but if you’re a pretty good friend, i might tell you in person.

damn, i thought this shit was going to be over with.

i spent some time today in waders. i was digging around strawberry creek looking for crayfish to show off to kindergarteners. too bad this was the first time i was doing this. so i didn’t catch any.

but it’s alright, the sun was shining.


3 Responses to awww fuck

  1. doug says:

    to catch crawdads, get some week-old slices of turkey, and take a little bit and attach to a string. as soon as they grab on, yank on the string as hard as you can and they’ll come flying out of the water.

    i did it once in that creek in the field across the street from the Century house.

    oh, and your beer sounds rad.

  2. sheena says:

    what?! you did that? how come you never told me?!?! how come I didn’t do it with you?! you bitch.

  3. BenAllen says:

    Wait, you’re brewing beer too? I started a few weeks ago and it turned out like a light guiness. My second batch (which is fermenting now) will probably be more like Newcastle. I’m kegging the new batch.

    Dude, we’ll have to exchange beers.

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