blogging for blog’s sake

moving out is always kind of sad. even if you’re moving next door. but what really freaks me out is how much stuff you collect over the years.

good god. so. much. crap.

and everyone’s going to be gone. just like the first week i was in my old apartment. constant loneliness. but back then i didn’t have electricity for the first two days, no (fast) internet for the first two, and no phone for the first week either because of some pacbell (now sbc) snafu.

so things aren’t as bad.

went to a cat power show. i was hoping it’d be one of those awe-inspiring, heart wrenching shows but it was her typical freaking out, half played songs, and erraticism (is that a word?). there wasn’t even an encore! so she’s a certified lunatic.

still love her albums though.


One Response to blogging for blog’s sake

  1. doug says:

    who’re you living with, anyway?

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