lazy daze

took a nap on the field outside of VLSB. yet another person asked me “where’s warren hall?” starting to read One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.

gorgeous day. found myself walking around north berkeley and ended up at the berkeley rose garden. a lot of beautiful (and expensive) houses.

on the way back, i heard some couple having sex. i laughed and kept walking. i guess it was hot and they wanted to open a window.

but the highlight of my day was playing a play money table with HOWARD LEDERER at Full Tilt Poker.


yeah, that’s right, ace high flush and trips. and yes, it was howard lederer at the table.

i know, i know. play money….


3 Responses to lazy daze

  1. harold says:

    maybe it was just hot

  2. doug says:

    did you get owned by Lederer?

  3. patrick says:

    look at the screenshots.

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