game: $10 NL game at ed’s. 5/10 cent blinds.
the hand that knocked the wind out of me:
i’m small blind with J9 spades.
four people see the flop.
flop is 8 diamonds, 10 spades, 8 clubs. (i flopped an open ended straight draw)
mike, ed’s friend, raises 50 or 75 cents.
i think about it and i call.
turn is a beautiful 7 of spades. (yay! straight! flush draw! STRAIGHT FLUSH DRAW!)
i forget exactly had happened at this point. i feel pretty committed to the pot. either i checked, mike bet, and i moved over the top or i bet a $1, mike raised to $2, and i then moved over the top.


mike calls because he feels like going home and he’s got something good.

me, J 9 spades. mike, Q 8.

what’s the river?




2 Responses to a$$ed

  1. kevin says:

    a whole lotta “hahahahahah”s lately.

  2. patrick says:

    just going insane. that’s all.

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