why ucla sucks

even though harold goes to ucla, it still sucks.

1. their spring break is a week after everyone else’s. so my mom freaked out when she found out her sons wouldn’t be back at the same time. it’s funny when my mom says “OH MY GOD!”
2. full of attractive but oh so empty people who aspire to make it big in hollywood. end result? “please don’t get it in my eye!”
3. they stole cal’s colors and fight song. therefore, our respective bottle openers play the same damn song.
4. they only film shitty movies at ucla while they film great movies like “THE HULK” at berkeley.
5. the whole cadaver thing. come on. that’s just sick and twisted.

like my brother.


3 Responses to why ucla sucks

  1. kevin says:

    also, the best chick flick ever: “boys and girls”

  2. harold says:

    screw you.

  3. patrick says:

    hah. people took that post seriously.

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