fri night!!

it’s friday night and i’d really like to be at triple rock’s right now enjoying a pint (or two) of tree frog ale and talking nonsense.

instead, i’m blogging and listening to supergrass.

anyway, i can’t drink because i’m participating in a pysch experiment where i can’t have any caffeine, alcohol, or drugs in a 24 hour period.

but that’ll all be over after 9:30.

for such a huge school, berkeley seems way too small now. it gets weird when a random psych experiment you’re participating in is being run by a friend of a friend that you spent a weekend in tahoe with.


this william hung thing is getting out of control. he got a freaking record deal!

there’s william hung graffiti outside of dwinelle.


tony pierce is still a blog god since he blogged about leah, a transplanted canadian in texas.


me and sheena talked about moving to canada because it seems like this country is going into the shitter at times. we’d even get domestic partner benefits! cause they allow shit like that.

yeah! vancouver!

suck on these (two of ’em are canadian):
Depression is a very narcissistic thing, it’s a self-involvement that is so deep and intense that it means the sufferer cannot get out of her own head long enough to see what real good, what genuine loveliness, there is in the world around her

There can be an archness, a meanness in the lives of the saved, an intolerance that can color their view of the weak and lost. It can make them hard when they ought to be listening, judgmental when they ought to be contrite.
Hey Nostradamus! by douglas coupland

This city is full of misfits who came here because their happiness, to an unusual degree, depends on having just such strange little unexpected encounters. We’re all walking around having strange and delightful encounters. Join us.
cary tennis on the city he lives in and loves, San Francisco.


3 Responses to fri night!!

  1. harold says:

    but you can’t tell a racist joke in canada, ever.

  2. kevin says:

    raymi is a dumb whore.
    plus she has trucker hats.

  3. patrick says:


    titties are good.

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