you ain’t got no lovin’

last night, while watching the cal vs. stanford game at raleigh’s with a beer in hand, i realized that i wasn’t taking advantage of young single depressed women.


yeah, right.

doug and reina are up for the weekend so there’s been a lot of walking. at one point, we were walking down durant and i noticed two couples hugging, one on our side and the other directly parallel. i laughed at the ridiculousness of it all.

is ridiculousness a word?

what a strange fucking universe we live in at times.

i saw a lot of guys waiting in lines at flowershops. they all had the “god, why do i have to spend money on this shit?” look.

poor fuckers.

poker ramblings:
friday’s night game was 5 handed. lots of people were gone for the weekend or camping out for the stanford game. but man, i was catching stuff left and right. especially on the river. i’m typically not a river rat but damn. crazy shit. aaron was also up too. mostly nancy’s money i think. up $6.

would later spend that on an i.b. hoagies pepper cheesteak.

last night was when karma came around. the game was 10 handed. a few people i hadn’t played with before. stuck between a newbie (loose caller) and a guy who thought he knew his stuff. you just don’t say “MAN I WOULD HAVE HAD A FULL HOUSE!” on the flop when you’re not in the hand and the flop is Q Q 2. not kosher. down $6. thank you nancy for donating 20 cents to my “make me even at $4” fund.

worst run of cards ever. 2 8 offsuit. J 5-8 offsuit. 10 7. 2 4 offsuit (A LOT!). K 3. oh well.

there are too many holes in my game. they need to be fixed.

end poker rambling.

doug and reina are up for the weekend. it’s been fun. it turns out reina knows everyone in berkeley. i told her that i was probably going to go to morris’ to play poker and she asked if his last name was chen.


turns out they know each other from high school.

doug and reina met each other in SD at the coffee bean where he was working at the time. random encounter.

like i said, strange fucking universe.


3 Responses to you ain’t got no lovin’

  1. doug says:

    you know, i bought flowers online 4 weeks ago and instructed them to deliver it on 02/13 at work to Reina. it is now the 16th, and it hasn’t even arrived yet. WTF. yeah, but on the 13th, she got home from work and I was talking to her and she didn’t even mention it and I had no idea if she was being coy or what.

    goddamn 1800flowers, man. blow.

  2. jacob says:

    you know, if you like. . . i got a poker list that is in dire need of traffic. . . go ahead and sign up.

  3. reina says:

    Hey Patrick. Thank you so much for letting us stay there. Nice to see what it’s like living on northside, especially by Cheeseboard and being somewhat closer to University which would eventually bring us to the SAKE MUSEUM! Yay! Sorry I didn’t get to say bye; I thought I was going to see you after Newman. Anyhow, I hope Doug sent you your umbrella already. Oh, and the flower thing: it was funny because Doug asked me if I got anything at work (thinking about the flowers that I didn’t receive then), and I said excitedly, “Yah. I got my first paycheck. W00h00!”

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