not much to say

ya know, my life is…pretty boring.

i think a lot of people think that blogging about their lives will suddenly make them more interesting.

well, no, not really.

most interesting things that have happened to me in the last few days?
bought two poker books, theory of poker and the complete book of hold ’em poker.

i was walking on the street reading the carson book and i looked up and across the street was a monk who was also reading a book.

i thought of it was a funny parallel.

how does one end up writing biographies? i’d like to do that.


3 Responses to not much to say

  1. doug says:

    i would think a blog counts as a modern-day biography.

  2. Ian says:

    Was the monk reading a book on poker?

    Cause then I’d die happy. Path to enlightenment=poker.

  3. doug says:

    i think blogging helps to remember what the hell you’ve been up to. i mean, i’ve been really busy lately so i haven’t had time to blog, and what’ve i been up to?

    it’s tough. i know on new year’s i went to the rose bowl. that i’ve seen a good amount of movies, but i’d be hard-pressed to tell which ones, that i’ve been spending a hell of a lot of time with my girlfriend (which is good)

    but i need to start blogging again.

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