brain death

i caught myself watching vh1’s 100 hottest hotties and mtv’s real world. at some point i realized that my brain had officially turned stale. you’d think that with all this free time and good health (taking nice normal dumps is something i’ll never take for granted ever again) that i’d be enlightening myself by reading a book, exercising, or building something.

instead, i learned that j. lo’s ASS is 11th on the list of 100 hottest hotties. HER ASS. not j.lo herself, but her ASS.

god, where have we have gone as a species?

i bet there are more people who can tell me the minute details of at least 10 “celebrities” on that list than people who can name or identify a democratical presidential candidate.

i have been watching a lot of “the west wing.” great writing. it’s like crack. i’ve also been watching whatever’s on the food network. i found it funny that i was watching cooking shows while i was sick with food poisoning. i think i was secretly lusting about eating “real” food.

“oh god, that bell pepper looks so good.”

by the way, the host of “everyday italian” is really hot.

is there a correlation between the growing american waistline and the average american intelligence?

sars is back in china so get ready to put on your face masks because if you get it, you’ll only have a 98% chance of living.


arnold wants to raise college students’ tuitions. that’s fucked up. 10% for undergrads. 40% for graduate students.


just great. screw over a big chunk of the middle class who are struggling enough as it is to send their children to college. just fanfuckingtastic. i don’t know, how does the terminator expect us to eat food of quality lower than ramen?

as you can see, i’m not so happy with the world right now. too many idiots.

then again, i’m eating regular food and not spending all my time on the goddamn toilet. isn’t that what really matters in life?

link of the day:
Lingerie 101: The Lingerie Guide for Men – my new favorite website


2 Responses to brain death

  1. nancy says:

    thank you for enlightening us on so many topics…especially on the ass

  2. kevin says:

    ive been watching vh1 a lot, too. it sucks.

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