pathetic loser? uh…

dlau asked if xanga’s stilladick was anything like tony pierce and i had to say no because tony pierce is a blog god. i look down upon xanga because well, it’s shitty. 99.9% of the blogs on there suck. remember lolgirl?


back to the story.

there’s a link on stilladick to wonda’s xanga and she seemed oddly familiar.

. . .


she drinks, smokes, and parties a lot. but i found it funny how in one entry she wrote:

These words were use to describe me by two friends last night. I’m just sinking lower and lower into this hole I dug myself into . . . I don’t think I’ll ever get out of here.

I am a pathetic loser.

PS. I’m frightened of myself.

sounds like neama.

except that she’s hot, works at hooters, is an import model (gotta love ’em!), and writes like a 9th grader.


One Response to pathetic loser? uh…

  1. NemoD says:

    now now, she may be hot, work at hooters, and be an import model, but i finally went on a date! well at least i thought it was a date … fine, it wasn’t a date. but this semester, i tells ya, i’m crawling out of my hole and living on the surface with the cool people. you just watch.

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