don’t feel like it

spent a couple of days in san diego. stayed at doug’s place. played pool. a lot. ate some damn good food. this one place had really good margaritas. played halo. i suck. wore my green lantern shirt and one of the home depot employees asked which green lantern i liked. i said “kyle rayner or john stewart, because of the justice league cartoon.” he liked hal jordan, even though he went crazy and took out the sun. it rained and that’s always such a downer. but at least i got to fly a kite. read through the first 16 or so issues of Exiles (X-Men storyline involving characters from alternate realities in the X-Men universe working together to fix time — yeah, complicated). good stuff. i saw this really huge cat in doug’s backyard and it freaked me out because it looked like a dog. didn’t touch the computer at all and it felt good to not know what the hell was going on in the world. as if it really mattered anyway.

and that’s what happpened.

came back home and my family was as dysfunctional as ever. didn’t feel very holiday-ish with all the tension at the dinner table. shouting. arguing. temper tantrums. all over ridiculous things. i had to leave. it was too much.

this has been the first year in a very long time where it hasn’t felt very…christmas-y to me. probably due to all those damn finals, the weather, the minimal shopping, and no holiday joy.

how people are ending up here:
“she kicked me in the balls”
evelyn ng ladies night
evelyn ng poker player
evelyn ng naked

first and last are my personal favorites.

merry christmas.


2 Responses to don’t feel like it

  1. Ian says:

    Maybe there’s something weird in the air this year, it hasn’t felt very Christmasy to me either. This is the first time I can ever remember where I sat in the living room in the morning, with family giving each other random objects, and thought “what a stupid holiday, we just go out and buy crap we never would normally.”


    Santa Claus is dead.

  2. NemoD says:

    i have you all trumped. i actually got on a plane on christmas morning and left my family because i couldn’t take it anymore. although it is true i dont celebrate christmas, but it’s still dysfunctional.

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