got him!

bear with me, this’ll be one of those posts where i just splurge whatever crappy thoughts are in my head because if i don’t, i might go crazy.

jesus christ, i haven’t posted in 4 days? well, i do have an excuse.

something called FINALS (poker is in there too somewhere).

also, the ol’ creative juices just aren’t there. combination of the weather, school, diet, worrying about the future, lack of money, good concerts, and poon tang, and because i touch myself at night.

did i just say that?

i wonder why the supposed “holiday” season with all its supposed happiness, good cheer, and what not tends to make me feel pretty crappy. it’s cold. it’s dark. it’s wet. it’s the end of another semester where i didn’t quite get around to doing everything htat i wanted to do. i’m tired. i’m drained.

all of this exacerbates that one thing we humans don’t really like to talk about.


whoops. shhhhhhhhhh.

i read this article about how dating is dead in college and it’s all about friends with benefits. i don’t really agree with it but i could be wrong since i hardly go outside . i have a feeling that berkeley isn’t a hotbed for rampant, hot sex among young, nubile, horny twenty-somethings. that’s more like an A&F catalog.

so i hear they got found saddam. in a hole. without a fight. what a way to go.

how much will this really affect terror in the world?


One Response to got him!

  1. doug says:

    as for creative juices, it happens. just got to get back into the gear of things.

    and the holidays can get that way. but i suppose you can either choose to enjoy them, or not. As John Cusack said in “Say Anything” ‘I don’t understand how hard it is to say you’re happy and then just be happy.’

    friends with benefits? reina and i started out as benefits (she hates that word, though, prefers fuck-buddies), and grew into a relationship. i think pursuing friends with benefits is easier than pursuing dating. because you can drop that person without worrying too much about the ramifications, so there’s less pressure.

    re: Saddam, i don’t think it’ll affect terror too much. he wasn’t organizing any of the terror attacks, he was more there for moral support. he didn’t have any communication devices found with him.

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