i’m sorry.

i haven’t been blogging lately.

and i have an excuse.

i was eating. and sleeping. and eating. and sleeping.

then i came back to my apartment and i slept some more.

and all i want to do is play poker on friday. but i won’t get into playing online just yet…

i have FINALS.

it was a zoo at the post office today. everyone was sending out shit at the last minute to grad schools and law schools and whatever else there is out there. it was depressing until i realized that i didn’t want to partake of any of that.

my gsi also said that getting your phd is like working a low-paying job for 6-7 years.

that sounds like FUN!

i watched celebrity poker on bravo last night and it was entertaining. but not informative. david schwimmer made trip aces on the flop (with AA as his pocket) but busted out because willie garson moved all in with a flush DRAW. and he mde his flush on the turn.

he had stupid freaky luck.

queer eye was excellent on the other hand. i learned that they made cucumber shaving cream. tucking in your shirt makes you look taller. 1oz of wheatgrass = 2.5lbs of veggies.

everytime i watch the damn show, i feel like cleaning up my apartment and making it look good.

yeah, call me a fag but hey, straight guys have to keep up with the metrosexuals or else they’ll take all the women and all we’ll be left with is a warm beer and cold pizza.


sheena, are you happy now?


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