pre-thanksgiving, post-birthday report

my feet are cold.

i miss my homer simpsons slippers.

i actually felt kinda sad leaving the apartment yesterday.

i slept on the floor of harold’s dorm room at ucla.

got stuck in traffic.

for my birthday, i got a crown put on a molar.

i get bored in riverside easily. last year, i ended up reading all of mr. wiggles over winter break. i’ll go to fark every five minutes. this blog. that blog. sorta like at my apartment except time in riverside seems so much slower.

the keyboard is weird on this laptop and i can’t deal with that.

i didn’t bring any schoolwork with me because i know i won’t touch it.

but i did say to myself that i’d write a tutorial for movable type for the ocf.

where have all the cowboys gone?

within a block of my apartment in berkeley, there exists…

1. a chinese restaurant
2. a sushi restaurant
3. three cofee shops
4. two bars
5. a fancy french restaurant
6. some place that sells funky hats
7. a burger joint
8. a place to have your nails done
9. a dry-cleaner
10. a store that sells medieval junk

within a block of my home in riverside, there exists…
1. a park
2. an elementary school
3. countless number of houses that look a lot like mine

i feel crippled.


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  1. iggy says:

    thanks for linking to my humble poker blog. 🙂

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