come on…

With Gender Gap, A New Dating Game

hey ladies, i’m available…



9 Responses to come on…

  1. NemoD says:

    there’s a 10% surplus of women at berkeley, and even with the odds stacked so highly in my favor, i can’t get anything. *shakes head, goes into a fetal curl, and cries*

  2. Doug says:

    wow, guys. i got a berkeley woman and i’m hundreds of miles away.

    and i thought we took you out shopping so you wouldn’t be so offensive to women.

  3. Doug says:

    oh that bit about shopping? to: neama.

    neat article. take advantage of it while you still can.

  4. NemoD says:

    actually i was exaggerating. i spend time with women, but because i’m facially challenged, i usually get stuck in the friend zone.

  5. harold says:

    and you’re annoying too. and not funny, either.

  6. NemoD says:

    harold, don’t you have to go masturbate?

  7. Doug says:

    oh yeah, and posting “hey ladies, i’m available” probably doesn’t help.

  8. Doug says:

    although … i guess that’s what internet dating is.

  9. nancy says:

    well this was amusing

    especially when harold bags on neama

    you funny man you

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