so the company i had been interviewing with over the past month doesn’t want to continue with me. not angry or sad about that. if i got hung up over these things, i’d have an ulcer like my brother. but it’s cool because…

i have some skills and low expectations. that’s the key to everything.

i’ll take anything that anyone puts in front of me. include a hot bowl of chili that might give me exit wounds.

yep. i don’t aspire to make $10000000000000 in 10 years or move up to internal VP or anything. i just want to pay the rent, bills, party every once and a while, and sometimes go to vegas or tahoe and pig out. oh yeah, and keep rocking out in the bay area. if i have to go back to socal, so be it but i won’t go down without a fight.

but that doesn’t matter now because in a few hours, i’ll be playing poker. the great thing about poker is that it’s all that you think about. no worries about the future, the past, just what’s happening with your cards and the people around you. you don’t think about “what will i be doing with my life?” but instead “why’d that fucker have to raise? now i have to fold my 6-7 offsuit.”

that is beauty. it may be even better than sex.

at least i don’t have to worry about accidentally bringing a kid into the world.

i love supergrass.


One Response to za

  1. Ian says:

    Never heard a better description of the beauty of poker. It’s the Here and the Now. It’s why Rounders continues to be an awesome movie and no night is a better night than poker night.

    It is, in fact, almost as beautiful as fighting over rice in Denny’s at 5:30 in the morning.

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