oh ms. hilton

I think the biggest misconception about me is that I'm this spoiled brat. But I'm not. I'm, like, the total opposite.

that’s not a very flattering picture of you, paris.

so a sample of your sex video is out on the internet. which means the full thing will be out very very soon.

do i feel sorry for you? well, not really. actually, HELL NO.


because you’re young, rich, beautiful, and didn’t have to do a damn thing to attain any of those things. you won out in the punnett square of looks and will have a huge ass inheritance to boot. for us simpletons who have to do some work in life, them’s fightin’ words.

paris, paris, paris….

i don’t feel sorry for you because you broke my golden rule in life. which is…


why? because that shit always gets out. a video that has a softball game stays put but a homemade sex tape somehow wants to be free. it has a life of its own. and whoever’s on that tape will be FUCKED in the end. heh.

i guess this proves that there is a god.


3 Responses to oh ms. hilton

  1. yi says:

    i don’t know, that whole combination name of paris and hilton just screams blue blood. saw the sex vid, she kept on staring at the camera and trying to look sexy. i think the guy wanted to donkey punch her because she kept on turning towards the camera.

  2. Doug says:

    i would take having an embarassing sex video of me out in the public if it meant i could have the carefree, monied life she leads.

    any day of the week.

    any fucking day of the week.

  3. Doug says:

    oh, that’s not to say that i’m not happy with my life either.

    but think of the cars. and the endless video games. and the … i don’t know. whatever rich people do. all that is right and good with the world could be yours.

    uh, except not having a sex video out.

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