i just read that wedding photographers charge $2000-$5000 per wedding. which is FUCKING RIDICULOUS. $5000 down the drain to have some unworthy hack who could barely make it through art school or whatever to take mediocre pictures of one of the most important days of your life. i call bullshit on that.

so here’s what i would do (if i ever have a wedding which i probably won’t because those fuckers are a headache and a half):
i’d buy $2000-$5000 worth of disposable cameras. or half that much and use the rest on processing. or give them cheap digital cameras. whatever. i’d give them to EVERYONE. they could take pictures all day. whenever. wherever. whoever. want the couple to pose like dinosaurs? sure, take a picture. freaked out by grandma? take a picture. going to hit on that one chick because she’s drunk now and you’ve always wanted to jump her bones? take a picture.

i’d have everyone give me back their cameras, process the film, and put them all in a massive scrapbook. then send it to a friend, tell them to write something nice or add something, and pass it along. eventually, it’d make my way back to me and it’ll be awesome. that or i’ll put it on the web.

why all that? because i’m not going to have some fucker take $5000, shoot crappy photos, and get away with it. because if they did, the terrorists have truly won.


9 Responses to lame

  1. harold says:

    wow, these posts are actually not boring.

  2. NemoD says:

    although the wedding photographer may be a terrorist in your eyes, i see him as a freedom fighter striking at the heart of the great satan. long live the jihad. allah-u-akbar!

  3. harold says:

    you suck at making jokes, neama.

  4. Jessica says:

    $2000 does seem a little steep, but wedding dresses can cost more than that. At least you get to look at the photos anytime, the dress is worn only once.

  5. doug says:

    um, they already do this.

    oh. as a plug:

    My buddy Victor charges less and he owns. You know. For an asian.

  6. patrick says:

    who does this already?

  7. NemoD says:

    harold, what part of my statement makes you think that’s a joke? and dont make me go suicide bomb on your ass.

  8. Doug says:

    a lot of people already do the camera thing. it’s like, one of the kitschy wedding ideas. you know. Like blowing bubbles instead of throwing rice.

    oh, and neama? keep trying. one day you’ll get it right.

  9. NemoD says:

    i work with the material they give me, and with people like you around, there ain’t much to work with.

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