fucked up – ch. 1

someone please give harold some lovin’.

O Kay Prime: man, i tried to talk to a girl on the way back from class
O Kay Prime: i said she had nice shoes
O Kay Prime: then, around a certain time, she walked this different way
O Kay Prime: like she told me she lived in the same res hall
O Kay Prime: so, she goes out of her way
fireloong: DENIED
O Kay Prime: and she ends up in front of me because i guess she was power walking
O Kay Prime: serious power walking
fireloong: WOW
fireloong: did she say she lived in another dorm?
O Kay Prime: no, she said she lived in hedrick
O Kay Prime: and i said ‘hey, i live there too’
fireloong: why didn’t you follow?
O Kay Prime: before i could continue on with the conversation…..she jetted it a different way
fireloong: wow


One Response to fucked up – ch. 1

  1. NemoD says:

    holy shit man. that’s worse than me, and i’m me.

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