don’t fuck with them

i love halloween. it’s not full of consumerism and fake feelings like christmas. instead, it lets people be themselves, dress up like crackwhores or mork (from mork and mindy), and lets the kiddies rot their brains out. it’s also a great excuse to party, to get trashed, high, and fucked up in all sorts of ways.

considering all that, my halloween involved none of that.

me and jon met up with ian in sf. ian knew of a house party going on and some rave thing that was going to last from 12-7. but god was against us. as usual. everytime we tried to do something to get closer to our goals, something in the cosmos said “FUCK YOU!”

so we resorted to going to safeway and buying a shiny new bottle of happiness to cut our losses.

that bottle sure had a lot of joy. we stumbled from the marina to the denny’s in japantown. we almost got into a fight over rice. yes, RICE. but all was good and at 7am, i watched daylight creep upon the bay.

personal highlight of the night:
(i’m wearing my robot hat and the girl in the car ahead of us mouths something. jon opens the window.)
girl: hey, are you a photo camera or something?
jon: he’s a robot! (we pull up)
girl: wow! that’s awesome! that’s a very nice looking lunch bag! you’re creative.
me: (but it’s a hat…)


4 Responses to don’t fuck with them

  1. Doug says:

    neat that you hung out with ian. heh.

    i could’ve pointed you to a couple of parties in berkeley. reina was up there this past weekend.

    i was thinking about maybe heading up with her this weekend.

    but … modest mouse is playing down here and i already committed to julie. plus, it’s my deceased grandfather’s birthday so i have to visit the cemetary in L.A. at some point.

    maybe plus isn’t the right word.

  2. sheena says:

    say hi to him for me.

  3. Yum says:

    Whoa! that was an awesome hat or robot man or photo camera guy. Either way, its rad. And where the hell is the fruits or glasses girl. Did i miss a post where got reborn?

  4. patrick says:

    i haven’t been posting due to laziness, alignment of the stars, and shit like that.

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