i thought i saw a lot of cute chicks on campus today. then i asked myself “are there really more cute girls on campus or are hormones fucking with me?” i’m leaning toward the latter.

at safeway yesterday, i was in the condiment section and there was this lady there with three or four kids yammering for some random chocolate oatmeal that they kept saying was their “favorite” even though they’d forget about it in a few minutes. she looked at me with sad, tired, and distraught eyes. i wanted to tell her “it’s alright, when they get to my age, you’ll probably want them to be that age again.” but instead, i looked away and stared at paul newman.


3 Responses to strangers

  1. Yum says:

    There are usually more cute girls on campus. On the outside, you have bigger pool to work with which includes old people, elementary school kids, people who don’t care about life and people from peta. And unless you’re into that sorta thing, school is better.

  2. doug says:

    i’ve had much better luck off campus then on when it comes to chicks.

  3. patrick says:

    yum: yeah, that’s true but this is berkeley. we’re known for not having the best selection around, male and female.

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