aaron and nancy keep a log of how long they’ve been working on their eecs150 project. i think i’ll keep a log of how long i see them in the apartment. today’s count would be half an hour.

sheena’s latest post is particularly scathing. but it’s not unwarranted. in middle school, she put my friend david sakai through a lot of shit. david’s a nice guy. so that’s fucked up.

this article makes a lot of good points.

madame chiang kai-shek is dead at the age of 105.


3 Responses to torture

  1. doug says:

    what article? you linked to Sheena again.

    i think it’s whack that sheena’s still completely riled by it. and while i never liked satoko, per se (first time i met her, i hit her with a pillow within 30 seconds), it surprises me that anyone would give so much thought to someone who lives thousands of miles away.

    it’s difficult enough to keep in touch with people who aren’t connected to the internet five blocks down. let alone …

    this post is really long. i think i’ll blog about it.

  2. kevin says:

    did you mean to link to the AIM article i showed you?

    anyway, i could say something about this all but i STILL have to finish my essay.

  3. patrick says:

    fixed the bad link

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